Responsible Social Media

Open Square is a unique community of honest, open-minded, and forward-thinking individuals. The secure, structured network inspires learning and growth
through anonymous and insightful dialogue.

What is Open Square?

A responsible and respectful social media platform that encourages learning and personal growth.  Open Square community members share ideas and perspectives in a structured forum that rewards contributions by members assigning "merits" rather than "likes".

Better Questions Lead To Better Answers

Who Participates?

Curious minds with a thirst for knowledge and wisdom.  Open Square users appreciate diversified perspectives.  They understand that the BEST answer is often not the most popular, clever, shocking or speedy one.   Our community collaborates to give and gain guidance leading to better choices, improved performance, communication effectiveness, and happier lives.

Why Participate?

To expect more from social media and get superior help solving any question, issue, or problem. To interact with smart and responsible people that believe that narcissism and self-promotion diminish effectiveness.

Give, Gain, Grow

How Does It Work?

The Open Square structure provides the ideal learning framework. Members participate anonymously and earn merits for admirable contributions and behavior.  Open Square conversations are structured, curated, safe, fun, efficient, and effective.

How Can I Join?

Open Square is a very special community of grateful contributors and learners.   If you wish to apply for membership, simply click below…



13740 Research Blvd., Suite J5
Austin, TX 78730